First Japanese Sushi Bar (in japan)

October 23rd 2013

So Okaasan and Otoosan took myself, Junko (the youngest daughter), and her fiance out for sushi at this sushi bar close to our house in Toshimaen. The restaurant is right in front of Toshimaen station. I was first in awe of the numerous kinds of sushi I have never seen before. Some of the sushi is nonexistent in America and was caught just off the Tokyo Bay. I felt blessed and lucky to be here with my amazing host family.

Cheers to the best sushi I have ever had — ever. Word of description: Utopianly orgasmic.


Unbelievable Tamago that would make your heart melt.


From the left: My Okaasan’s daughters fiance, Okaasan’s daughter, Okaasan, Me, Otoosan


This is the “free” cup one of the sushi chefs gave me as we were leaving. I think he heard I was visiting from America. Nice guy!


This sweet desert was the perfect ending to the delicious onslaught of sushi.

Thanks Otoosan and Okaasan!


3 thoughts on “First Japanese Sushi Bar (in japan)

  1. I’m jealous! I want to go there! Scott, you’re so lucky; you’ll become a sushiholic! That dessert looks like ohagi. Your great grandma used to make the best ohagi – I miss it.

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